Monday, August 26, 2013

A Day In The Life Of A Working Mom

Last week the only thing that kept me from cursing everyone short of Jesus out were GIFs. There just seemed to be one for every crazy moment in my life and so at the suggestion of Smarty Jones I will be tweeting with them. So here's a taste of what that will look like.

A Day In the Life of The F$%K it List 

Wake Up at 3:00 A.M for Le Munchkin's sermon

Then waking up again to actually start the day
Yoga Time
Wakes CJ up
Making breakfast, lunch and getting dressed..All at the same damn time

How I feel when the LIRR is stalled AGAIN and I have to send an email to say I'll be late AGAIN!

Meetings where I listen to people give the wrong information
The fall out from the drones nodding their heads in agreement with the wrong info


It's Mother-F$%King 5pm

Praying that the LIRR has gotten itself together and I can get home.
How I feel when Black is at the station to pick me up (My Friday Prince Charming)

Dinner, Bath, Good Night Kids

I should be reading
What I'm actually doing

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