Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I Feel Your Hurt

I listened to you on the phone last night and I heard you say " I won't rack my brain about choice other people make"

I listened as you told the story over and over again each time stressing that you didn't care, but each time seeming more hurt.

As you spoke, my heart broke a little more because I've loved you long enough to know when you're hurt.


But this was more than just hurt feelings, this was you wishing they were more, that they saw you as more. More than you WERE because you've worked so hard to be a be more for THEM.


I wish I could reach through the phone and kiss away the pain, but you seemed so far away. I want you to know that your validation doesn't lie in them, it lies in you.

Hurt people may have hurt you my love......

But You Are Healing! 

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