Monday, October 28, 2013

The Gye Nyame (jean yuh-me) Empowerment Project

This weekend I had the pleasure of volunteering at The Gye Nyame Brotha 2 Brotha Youth Summit, and it was an amazing experience.  Before I get into the work done with the young brothers let me touch on the preparation done by the women.

The women were gathered an hour before the men’s workshops were to end,where we participate in what was described as a cleansing ceremony. The facilitator spoke about the need to heal as a unit before being able to stand in receipt of anyone else’s space. Each woman was directed to look at the women next to them and communicate with them. Interesting enough every woman in the room turned to each other and started chatting it up. We were all hushed quickly and given instructions that we were to do this in silence.  We were to look into the eyes of each woman and hold their gaze and listen so we could actually connect. 

Now if you know me or  have read this blog you know I have done a tone of work on my inner self but it’s always been ALONE. Yes I’ve sat in groups but only for direction, I have always been uncomfortable in groups like this. But I made a commitment to be a full fledge participant to this experience , so at my turn I held the gaze of the woman to my right it was incredible, without uttering a single word I heard her. I found myself gasping a little before I turned to meet the eyes of another woman.  This exercise has made me rethink my stance on healing as an individual first, and being prepared to help others.  I like everyone should be growing daily and telling my story is a way to help others with their stories. MAN LISTEN!

The next exercise was equally enlightening and focused on men in our lives , equally amazing. Without going into detail, it  was an emotional, tears inducing moment that allowed the women in the room to let go.  A spiritually collective *SIGH* was felt across that auditorium. 
When the men re-entered they were greeted by women ready to speak to the accomplishments they have made in their lives. Each women read from the cards provided and let them know they were enough, more than enough and that collectively we can win. I was moved (almost to tears).  
It was a beautiful experience.
               It was an inspirational experience.

                              It was a movement of positivity.

It was so necessary to have Black Women and Men in a room celebrating each other.

And it  was my pleasure to volunteer and I can’t wait for the Sister 2 Sister Youth Conference in March.

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