Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Leave It All Behind

Life has gotten the best of me again and I missed Festivus and the Airing of Grievances. I even wrote them down this time but between keeping Le Munchkin from taking over the world at the kids Christmas Party and fighting a nasty stomach virus (kids are petri dishes and parents suffer for it) I just couldn't find the time. But don't fret, there is still time for my end of the year post where I plead with you to leave all the BS in the past year.. SO here we go.

1. Celebrities: This year it feels like we've spent so much time focused on what celebrities were doing, are doing or shouldn't be doing and it's time to say no more! I won't begrudge you all of your escapism but there is so many important things going on in the world we SHOULD be focusing on. I also want people to stop blaming celebrities for their kids wayward ways. Parent your children and cut the blame game. Beyonce rocking daisy dukes, blonde weave and singing about being drunk in love ain't got a damn thing to do with your child because you control what she/he is exposed to. Michael Jordan doesn't make boys go out and fight for those sneakers, you fostering commercialism in your home does. SO STOP!

2. White People: Don't be alarmed! I'm not saying you need to cut off all the white people in your life but in 2013 white people have been making a pretty penny off victimizing people of color more openly. From the attacks on a murdered teenager to black women and their appeal to others it's been a free for all when it comes to our community. I believe these things must be challenged but I also wonder what happens after? I've been following some amazing women that challenge and then do the work. They have been a great source of strength for me and I'm grateful. In 2014, I would say let's try to stop focusing all our collective energy on how they see us and start investing that same energy in creating a better, stronger community. Challenge the BS but also work to change the narrative (as much as we can) and force the world to take notice.

3. Not Being Intelligent: Nothing irked me more this year than seeing people who are relatively smart post unintelligent comments on social media. I'm not saying you need to be a know it all but don't say stupid shit like "OH I didn't know who the Black Panther Party was" just google that shit! The Google Machine is your friend! And when you find out then share what you've learned, you can even let people know that you did a little research. Sharing your ignorance just makes me lower my specs to glare at you.

4. Policing Opinions: Everyone in the world will NOT agree with you and they have their right to their opinions and you don't have the right to police their feelings. I have watched people jump into ongoing conversations armed with nothing but their police opinion badge to tell others they are overreacting...STOP IT! This goes especially for those of you brave enough to discuss race in this country, you had better be ready for what others have to tell you and learn to disagree without the oh you're being sensitive BS that is often spewed. It's inappropriate and condescending. STOP IT

My festivus list was much longer but I'm trying to work through all that and bring the new year in on a high note. What are some negative things you'd wish people to leave behind?


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