Monday, February 24, 2014

White People Have Gone Mad (AGAIN)

So one time in band camp I was called a racist.

I usually take these things in stride but this woman was so up in arms and clearly not the brightest bulb in the pack.  Let's start with the picture and her first comment:

Illegal Immigration started in 1492: Now let's see what is that year tied too? That's right when Columbus sailed the ocean blue. What in the hell does that have to do with her immigrant people coming through Ellis Island? NOT A THING.

But more importantly does history not teach us (now hold on people) there were NATIVE PEOPLE living here and having a grand ole time before they were invaded?  But apparently that didn't matter to our commenter because there were no LAWS. I mean none. There was an entire civilization thriving, but no laws.. OKAY BYE FELICIA!

Pay attention here because this is when it all goes FOX NEWS on me, quoting (via a google search)  a great American to let me know how foolish I was being. Thank You Abraham Lincoln as I have now seen the wrongs in my life.

Moral Law.. WHO CARES. There were no laws, Savages don't have laws.

When I asked why do we only speak about Black and Brown folks when we discuss immigration she striked! : Missy You ARE A RACIST, even though I'm the one talking about fences, illegals taking people as slaves (when did that happen?), raping women and children, and killing! Wait was Zimmerman an "illegal" cuz....

So anyway I'm a racist and I'm so ashamed. I'm going to go conquer some white people's land, make them feel bad about their skin, hair and just being, then have lunch. Whose with me?  Applications will be accepted when Black History Month ends... WAIT why is there no WHITE history month. #RACES

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It Didn't Happen To You

When I read Jen Caron's It Happened To Me on XO Jane I was immediately annoyed and offended. Not because I'm Black and have practiced Yoga for 15 years, but at the notion that Yoga belongs to a certain group because of affluence, color (read white) and weight. It is infuriating!

I have practiced with all races, sizes, financial brackets and it has never mattered because my focus during practice is MY spiritual journey. Whether at home, a new swanky studio or the gym my practice and the universe allow me to become one with those around me. There is no judgment, fat, black, poor, only bodies moving in unison to reach a spiritual level.

I practice Yoga to calm my mind.
I practice Yoga to allow my body to become one with the Universe.
I practice Yoga to create a safe space.
I practice Yoga to heal through my breathe.
I practice Yoga to relieve stress.
I practice Yoga for fun and flexibility.
I practice Yoga to commune with my ancestors.
I practice Yoga on the railroad, subway and at work because Yoga is not simply about the Asanas it's a way of living.

Something the author of this piece should really re-evaluate.

And just so Jen Carson knows there are other a black Yogis and Yoginis out here. Don't believe it go here:
Black Yogis


Friday, January 3, 2014

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other....

I've been a dancer my entire life, at one point in my life it was all I wanted to do. For me dance was a release, it was a safe space for me to grow, shake off my shyness and not to toot my own horn but to outshine everyone around me. From jazz, ballet, pointe to dancehall, once I hit the stage/floor I would leave everything there. So when I see kids enjoying dance the way I did it makes me happy. What doesn't make me happy is all the judgmental grown ups on the Internet. The ones that stop and leave negative comments about these kids. ESPECIALLY the Black kids.

Every time a child of color dances we don't need to say the following:

* But can she read and write at her grade level
* Where are he/his parents?
* That's so sexual.
* We can't talk about little girls being overly sexualized then post videos like this!

If you've posted comments like this please drink from this chalice of STFU happily. Dance is an art form and these kids have a talent that should be nurtured.

So let's look at some dancers...Shall we!

Care to guess which video got the responses I listed above? Care to guess why? Well I'll tell you. BLACKNESS, that's why!

So to all of you judgey McJudgies, dancers like the girl dancing to Beyonce often become this

and this!