Monday, August 31, 2015

Y'all The VMA's Tho

I like most of the people in my generation ALWAYS looked forward to the VMA's. I remember that I would get so upset because they were the same week I went back to Hollins and it meant missing all the fun in NY ( I was less bothered when they moved to LA). Anyway it's been a while since I gave a damn about the VMA's and I didn't bother to watch live but then insomnia got the best of me and well you get a new post:
 Let's start with the opening, mmkay!

I was here for Nicki Minaj and her Trini inspired performance, but that whining was terrible. Girl if you're going to have a song that says "Queens 'dem girls dem a pop 'dem pum pum" you better wine all way to the ground and bruck out! Ain't nobody here for all that do it for the "others" wine. I said the same thing about Rihana a few years ago and she's gotten better, but I still giggle.  Anyway, I guess bringing Taylor Swift out was a good way to show y'all ain't really beefing but ...whatever.

Maclamore... BRUH! I understand you want to be accepted by the entire Hip Hop community but I'm pretty sure that won't happen, even if you bring out legends like Kool Moe Dee, Mellie Mel and Grandmaster Caz isnt going to help. I don't know maybe the young ones like this but for me it  was like


The same goes for Mr. New Black, Pharell Williams. I appreciate your kid bop tunes and I even congratulate you on your success but that "Freedom" song is trash. *sings* Your first name is New, your last name is Black. We all know how you  responded when we said stop killing us so we an't buying this foolishness" 

I mean the regular cast of characters were out Bieber, someone called The Weekend etc and while I can appreciate that I am no longer the target audience of pop music, I was left wondering why the music is so awful. Why is there no song worth actually listening to more than 5 seconds?  It's all such trash with no silver linings. And why does it seem like all the women that performed were just trying to out do each other?

Then there was the Minaj vs. Cyress beef. While I 100% feel Nicki should have called Miley out, I just feel like it was a waste of time. It's really easy to jump bad when you know the other person will back down or try to cover it with apologies and excuses. As soon as Minaj said "What's Good?" I knew Miley was going to back down. Maybe Miley will use her actual talent and stop walking around with her pal Iggy acting Black... I doubt it but a girl can dream.

*Funny how none of this was ever done when she was beefin' with Lil Kim but that's another story.

And well if you read this blog, you know how I feel about Kanye. He's a NO wrapped in HELL No, wrapped in Negro please. He deserves the award but he looked like he rolled out of bed and showed up to tell us he was running for President and that he smokes weed. GOOD FOR YOU KANYE!

I mean if y'all let Trump run, anything is possible, I'll be an Expat by 2016, so I'll say a prayer for all of you in 2020. I'm not even going to talk about Kim K and that potato sack she wore. Why is it so hard for her to just enjoy her pregnant body in clothing that flatter her. JEEZ

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