Saturday, February 27, 2016

This week in Blackness

When I woke up this morning I had every intention of writing about Black'ish, the critics , the racist comments on their FB page, the people I know IRL that still didn’t get the point and then I stopped myself. I crumbled up the word cloud I scribbled before bed  because their negative energy and ignorance shouldn’t cloud the beauty of what we saw over the last two days.

Now I know you’re thinking last two days, KD must be drinking, no. The blackening on TV started on Tuesday in an amazing powerful scene on “The People vs. OJ Simpson, American Crime”.  If you’ve followed my tweets you know I was the biggest critic of this mini series for several reasons (K-A-R-D-…) but Tuesdays episode gave us a look at the relationship between Johnnie Cochran and OJ( I could write an entire post on this series BTW). In a scene OJ is down and out and Johnnie Conchra tries to convince him of how great he is. After a few words of encouragement he turns to tell OJ how he inspired him at his worse moment by recalling a football game where OJ dominated, and then the kicker... OJ as the spokesperson for hertz. "A black man, as a public face for one of the worlds biggest corporations face of a national brand" As you watch this scene you see OJ's demeanor shift, change. Even when OJ reminds Johnnie they lost the games, he let's him know that he doesn't remember the loss, he remembers the inspiration. There is no way for me to do this scene justice, so watch it here:

American Crime: The People Vs. O.J. Simpson

It was one of the most emotional and inspirational scenes thus far. Despite what you think about the trial, or even how OJ often separated himself from the Black community, there was something to him that benefited us. But there is also this beauty in these black men speaking to how we need to depend on each other, lean on each other. And it is such a rare moment on TV. whether entirely true or not, it was a great!

Then Wednesday night we had Black'ish. While they peppered the heavy scenes with little jokes here
and there (some only those of kissed by melanin would understand) they hit home HARD. As a parent of two boys I could have written every line of that show. The battle about keeping it real , sitting the boys down and explaining this miserable racist country, world we live in and fighting against that in this want, no need to protect them. Only to realize that not explaining, teaching and making sure they understand their rights is the biggest disservice I could have ever do them. During the Trayvon Martin trial I guarded CJs ears from every second until the moment they announced the not guilty verdict and I broke down crying holding my newborn so tight, he fought to  get loose. I watched my husband hang his head and leave to process alone, I called my mom and said I don’t know how I’m going to raise them HERE! It was a changing point in my life, one of the best and worst ever. And last night on Blackish I saw that those emotions were not reserved by me, they belonged to every Afro-descendant, every where.

And if it did anything it made me feel less alone.

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