Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Another Year, Another Festivus For The Rest of Us!

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In true Festivus tradition, I’m here to let you all know how you’ve disappointed me in 2016! The list was much longer but I cleaned it up because I didn’t want it to become like that Pants Suit Nation coffee book *looks over glasses*

Willie Lynch: It’s almost 2016 and y’all still talking about this fake BS. I swear sometimes I wish some of you didn’t have access to the internet! WILLIE LYNCH ISN’T REAL, that letter isn’t real. There are plenty of slave owners that you can refer to but he ain’t it.

Black Men silencing Black Women:  My sister shared an experience on FB and every other comment was some black man telling her what to do. I saw another friend doing these cool experimental looks based on Black Women Musical legends, she was expressing herself. And the Black men in the comments were negative. Just raining on her parade for what.... STOP THIS SHIT! Lift your sisters up as often as you can because tearing them down for shits and giggles or because your feelings are hurt and you just need to scream “Not all Black Men” is a sign of your fragility.

Empty Gestures: I swear for GOD, if you aren’t sure you can follow through with something you told someone you’d do (baring obvious emergencies) say NO! A person will respect you more if you say I literally do not have the bandwidth, strength, energy, means to help right now more than the back and forth and no follow through. It is inconsistent and in bad taste. Maybe this is me in my feelings, but I work SO HARD (often to my own detriment) to make sure I do what I say I’m going to do.  I don’t like to see my circle disappointed, but when I can’t I say I can’t. If you are having an event on Tuesday at 7pm during the school year, know I’m not going to be there. That’s my life as a parent, it’s real shit!

TRUMP &Your Lack of Knowledge Post-Election: If you’re reading this blog you already know how I feel about voting, no need to go into that. BUT here we are post-election and some of y’all still don’t get that we are about to relive VERY DANGEROUS moments in history.  Trump is the same kind of demagogue that Hitler was, we need to start paying attention and organizing. Not sitting around talking about why we didn’t vote.

HOTEP, NOTEPS, NO THANK YOU!  I feel like I’ve ranted about this during festivus before but clearly y’all didn’t listen!! Maybe it’s because a lot of you are way guilty of #2 and therefore can’t see beyond your pen…I mean noses. But I’m here to tell you, that your notepian lifestyles are false. There is no truth in what Umar, Tariq and Boyce are telling you. The deep research from your digital bible “Hidden Colors” is easily googled information and still needs to be taken with a grain of salt and your job in life is NOT to tell Black women they are wenches, on the wrong path, need to be more modest, or whatever else you’ve been doing. It’s time to look at Africa as the many countries it is, and in doing your history realize WE DIDN’T ALL COME FROM EGYPT. You’re making yourself look silly.
Arguing with Racist, and the Nouveau Noire: This week alone, I’ve watched white people say the mist disgusting things about the First family. And then defend the clearly racist statements as “Oh I just don’t like them”. I’ve watched Black women tell white women to please explain THEIR comments and when the white person does, they are told they are whitesplaining. *sigh* I’m tired, y’all! I’ve told my friends this and I’ll say it again “I’ve been grounded in my blackness longer than the current movement. In my family, woke isn’t something we became, we were born that way. So I seriously am too tired to keep fighting with people who are blatantly racist or newly woke who just want to yell words at white people they just don’t understand. I’m 42 years too tired and I’d rather get that work in then sit around bickering on these innanets! 

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