From time to time I get to shed my mommy skin and run around NYC as a host. Come out and hang with me sometimes!

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Past events, features, stories and radio appearances:
My Space with Ondolady
Successful Women:  Interview with Shalena D.I.V.A
Fall Fashion: My 2010 Fall picks for XI Magazine.
YaaY-You July issue: Yaay-You

Monday Musings with The Jaded NYer
* Kicking Self-Sabotage in the Face! -listen here
*Toxic friends: How to spot them and cut those bitches off.- listen here.
*Mars vs.Venus: The State of the American Marriage -listen here.
*Black History Month: What they didn't teach you in school -listen here.
*In The News...November Edition -listen here.

12 Radio with 12 Kyle:
* Off the dome- listen here
*U Black...Maybe -listen here.
*It''s all in the Music: A Look into R&B and Hip Hop- listen here

Stories/Book Reviews:
M.J Heal Thy Self, Shalena D.I.V.A 2010
Book Review: Souls of my young sisters, Kitty Bradshaw 2010
Book Review: The Shack, Kitty Bradshaw 2010